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Anne & Kevin | The Foundry, Long Island City Wedding

Anne and Kevin were married at the Foundry in Long Island City. The Foundry is an undeniably inspiring venue. It is a beautifully restored building with a very chic industrial aesthetic. Of many of the industrial processes, I have to say there is something magic about metal foundry- a certain beauty of molten metals and sparks flying about as newly cast objects emerge. In the 19th century and for many years thereafter, it was indeed the purpose of the building to supply such objects to meet the needs of the riverfront manufacturers. Yet, despite the transformation of the space today and its new purpose as a wedding venue, it has in some way not lost its original soul. I do not just mean that because it retains the charming architectural structures of shafts and cauldrons, which it does to great visual effect, but perhaps in a slightly more poetic sense. As I witnessed Anne and Kevin form a new lifelong bond there, it was obvious that it is still a place where something new emerges and sparks, now of romance, still fly.

When I first met Anne and Kevin, as I do for all couples, I asked them what was important for them in photography. They answered that they wanted something edgy, fresh and colorful, and that was the a major reason for the Long Island City choice. Before the wedding, I have this vision about where I am going to shoot the bride and groom portraits, and the anticipation builds as I get closer to the shoot. On the day of, I looked outside the window and saw that it was raining heavily, an unfortunate part of the unpredictable NY weather. My heart sank. I was admittedly disappointed as that meant we had consider alternative back-up plans for an indoor space and my expectation for that edgy, outside location filled with natural light, would probably not be met. However, good luck was on our side that day, and the rain subsided long enough to run over to 5 Pointz, which was very close to the Foundry, to take some very beautiful shots. 5 Pointz is a fabulous location and an urban artistic treasure trove. I love in the pictures how simple objects can serve to inspire and enliven the photos, specifically, how the bright red umbrella matched so perfectly with Anne’s red Wellingtons and how the Groomsmen umbrellas also worked so well to complement Kevin and their suits. Kevin also had the perfect car for the shoot- a Fleetwood Cadillac. And, of course, most importantly, Ann and Kevin and their wedding party were filled with the enthusiasm that makes these things go so well.

Anne and Kevin have a charming story of how they met and fell in love. You can read here about Anne’s four years in Korea, her “No, Thank you” to being Kevin’s girlfriend, Kevin’s persistence despite her chopping off a foot of her beautiful hair, and how eventually a little Santa delivered the engagement ring.

Vendor List:
Ceremony Dress: David’s Bridal
Cocktail Dress: The Limited
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Earrings: Eliot Danori
Rainboots: Banana Republic
Hair: Linda Chao
Makeup: Stephanie Chao
Groom’s Suit: Ralph Lauren Black Label
Groomsmen Suits: Jones New York
Ties: Pierre Cardin
Venue: The Foundry
Caterer: Blue Smoke Catering
Wedding Cake: Baskin Robbins
Groom’s Cake: Tashi and Bobo
Flowers: Tashi and Bobo
DJ: DJ Rob of 74 Events

And of course, here are some of their photos:

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