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One of the biggest rewards for me personally is the wonderful feedback that I receive. I would like to thank each and every client who has taken a moment out of their busy lives as newlyweds to offer their kind words. It really is the feedback that gives meaning to all the hard work in wedding photography.

I am very passionate about what I do. I love for photography and invest my mind and soul into my work. At the end of the day, my goal is to provide my clients with images that capture true emotion – true love. These are the most important and most cherished moments of your life, and I am honored to share them with you.

You can read more testimonials at Wedding Wire, Yelp, Merchant Circle, Project Wedding, and Google.

Here are a few comments from some of my amazing couples:

Elizabeth & Sean – Lawrence Beach Club, New York Wedding

Honestly…we have no words. Your photos are just so insanely beautiful. So much more than we ever imagined. We sat here in Mexico and cried through the whole slideshow…in a good way :)

They are perfect. Exactly what we were going for in every way. You captured so many aspects of our ceremony that we didn’t even realize were happening! Plus, you captured exactly what we wanted our ceremony to be filled with…love and laughter. That’s what we hoped it would be…it’s what it felt when we were standing up there…and your photos reflect that. It’s just amazing.

Personally, I have no idea how you got so many amazing shots out of that Marriott hotel room. When I arrived on Thursday night I thought “oh no, poor Shira…this room stinks,” and yet you managed to make all of the getting ready shots incredible. How did you do that?!?! They are AMAZING!

Shira, honestly, I don’t know what to say. They are perfect. You were the very first wedding decision we made and so clearly the best. Thank you SO much.

Sean and I both agree that our number one piece of advice for brides and grooms would be to hire you! I’m embarrassed to admit to the number of times we watched our slideshow while in Mexico…thank goodness our resort had wi-fi! We still can’t get over your photos and have been bombarded with compliments about them all week. We just keep telling our guests the same thing…it was all Shira…she was our first choice and we are so happy with the outcome :)

Elizabeth and Sean

And another from Elizabeth’s mother:

Your slide show of Elizabeth and Sean is just unbelievable. You have captured my daughter (and wonderful new son-in-law)’s personalities so perfectly. And your vision of our dear Lawrence Beach Club was perfect. You are making it possible for us to relive what was a perfect day over and over. I told every single person I know to look at your website. They too are amazed. I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done. I look forward to giving you a big hug at my nephew’s wedding in November.

Lily & Pesach | New York Wedding

Dear Shira,

“As the mom of the bride, I can attest to the joy we all felt and that Shira captured so beautifully. We feel so blessed to have had her very creative and unique visual point of view capturing all the special moments of that wonderful day. In addition to her obvious talent as a photographer, she is the loveliest, easiest and totally on top of things person to work with.”


“I had the incredibly good fortune of happening upon Shira Weinberger while searching online. I think she was the first “vendor” I booked. My daughter and I looked at her work and we were instantly in love. Then we had intense trepidation as we waited to hear whether she was available on our date. Fortunately, she was and we breathed a big sigh of relief. Interestingly, as I was looking at Shira’s site, I came across some amazing shots from a wedding that she had done of a very close friend of my daughters; my daughter’s friends confirmed that she was great to work with. Also, we were having an Orthodox Jewish wedding and Shira had done this kind of wedding before. Going in to the planning, I didn’t think that it was critical to have someone who had shot an Orthodox Jewish wedding previously. But at the end of the day, I felt that her experience was really relevant and helpful in terms of her understanding of the day, the flow, the subtleties and timing and thus what she was able to capture. When we met with Shira initially we talked about what we wanted for the wedding which was to capture the special moments and that we were less concerned about all the posed photos. This was certainly in keeping with her approach as well. But the wonderful thing about Shira is that even all the posed family photos, and we really did not take a ton, are not stiff and formal. Another wonderful thing about Shira is how lovely she is to work with. She’s totally buttoned up and professional. She kept us on track and in a very easy, non-pushy way. Her second shooter and assistant were great as well and I really was not aware of pictures being taken, other than the posed ones, the entire evening. We have not seen all our photos yet, but what we have seen have been amazing! Rangefinder which is a magazine for wedding photographers featured Shira and the photos from the wedding as the wedding of the week, see “RF Wedding of The Week, A Stylish Orthodox Ceremony by Shira Weinberger”. And from everyone who has seen the photos, the comments have been consistent,that they are the most wonderful photographs, that the photos explode with joy. Yes, I will admit, modestly, that the wedding was amazing, beautiful, joyful but there’s always a risk that if you don’t hire the right photographer, the moments will be lost. With Shira, the photos are really beyond our wildest dreams. We’re still on a high from the wedding and Shira’s photos are a wonderful reminder of what an extraordinary day it was! Right now, it’s all still very vivid in our minds; the wedding was only a month ago. But I am so thankful that we made the decision to have Shira document our daughter’s wedding and that we will have these magnificent photos to enjoy in the future, and for generations to come.”

Paris & Joseph | Pierre Hotel Wedding, New York City

Dear Shira,

Thank you so much! We literally had tears in our our eyes while looking at the pictures and reading your blog. You were able to capture the spirit of that night so perfectly. The night flew by for us so quickly, we had a chance to experience it again through these pictures .
It was an absolute pleasure working with you. We cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!!

Mr and Mrs Mann:)

Stephen & Iris | Oheka Castle, New York Wedding

“Your pictures are reminiscent of how we felt about our wedding – we never wanted it to end and we felt the same way about your photography – truly and absolutely amazing!!! In one word, I would say “fairytale-like!” I think what attracted us to your work was being able to capture the persona and emotion and raw energy from a still picture and make it moving in which your work truly transcends what we were absolutely looking for and we are so pleased!!! We will review your albums and our family and close friends who have the rare opportunity to see your work are absolutely amazed!!!

Thank you with all our heart!

Steve and Iris”


Carol & Mickael – Engagement Shoot

“WOW! We are blown away. The pictures are gorgeous; better than we could have imagined. I’m so happy we did this and even more excited for you to share our wedding day with us. You’re an amazing artist and it shows in these fabulous photos. Michael and I are both very picky, as we both work with visual images. You’ve by far exceeded our expectations and we are anxious to see the rest of the photos when they are ready.”
I am beside myself. All the pictures are so amazing. I can’t even believe there are more. I feel like there are so many already.
I honestly think you managed to get at least one picture of almost everyone there. That is impressive! Michael and I can’t thank you enough for working so hard for us. I wish someone had a picture of you standing on one of the chairs, trying to get the perfect shot. You are such
an amazing artist. Each picture captures the beauty and happiness from that day. AND I usually HATE pictures of myself.
You seem to have known me so well and only captures good expressions. :)
If there is any way I can write you a fancy review somewhere, please please let me know. Plus, we still have a lot of friends who will get married someday.
I will pass your name on for sure. I feel so lucky to have found you. I hope there is an opportunity for us to hire you again.”

Monisha & Deepak – Vancouver, Canada Destination Wedding

Oh my goodness! That was exciting! Deepak and I sat down to watch the slide-show yesterday and we were so amazed! the pictures look fantastic! there are so many amazing pictures of our friends and family, many of them we didn’t even get to see properly because it was so hectic! It was getting to watch our own wedding from the outside and actually enjoy what everyone else enjoyed! I should have sent you a few more songs!

I didn’t realize we would get to see so many of the shots! They look fabulous fabulous fabulous! Cant wait to sit down with our parents and friends and go through them again!

Stacey & John – Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding

We absolutely adore our pictures! They are just stunning!! I know we will feel like we are reliving our special day every time we look at them. The hardest part might be narrowing down our favorites – what a terrific dilemma to have!!

Words cannot really express how lucky we are to have shared our celebration with you. Thank you so much for being you – wonderful, amazing you.

Anna & Geoffrey – Union League Club, New York City Wedding

Dear Shira,

Thank you so very much for photographing our wedding! It truly has been a pleasure working with you. Furthermore, we appreciate your talent and devotion – you have dedicated an incredible amount of time and effort into capturing our wedding. Now that the wedding is over, all that is left from the night are our memories and the photographs. We can already tell from the few select preview photographs that we certainly won’t be disappointed! Your photographs are absolutely gorgeous and everyone we showed them to strongly agrees. We are so excited to see the rest of your incredible photos! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Anna and Geoffrey

Abigail & Shai – Snug Harbor, New York Wedding

“Hi Shira,
You are so talented, I have no words.  I was tearing up while watching.  Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job.”

Abbie & Ben – Tarrytown Estate Wedding

“Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the gorgeous, stunning and wonderful photos with us! We absolutely love them and it is so great to see them – helping us to relive the wonderful day!

You are so talented and we are so lucky we had you to capture our special day! We can’t wait to see the rest – and know they will be so incredible!”

Dina & Tyler – Barbados, Caribbean Destination Wedding

(Caribbean Destination Wedding in Barbados)
They’re SOOOOO Beautiful!!!!!!!!
I am almost crying. They’re better than I thought it could come out – and that’s saying a lot because I had a high bar!
Actually I think I will start crying!!!!!
Haha, I’m so overwhelmed. It’s truly stunning Shira. They’re honestly more than I hoped for. Not only are these photos beautiful, but they have a warmth and happiness about them that I can FEEL. I think you know what I mean. I really don’t think I’m being biased!
Thank you again. I’m honestly so so thrilled. I’m going to send it to the rest of the guests tonight and I think they will freak. LOL!

Christine & Eddy – Central Park Boathouse Wedding, NYC

We had Shira Weinberger document our wedding and she was amazing in capturing nearly every moment and emotion of the day–helping us to relive the experience (and even helping us to relive the parts we missed in person). She is very hard working and dedicated to her art and it shows in every photo she painstakingly captures, composes with natural light and edits. She is a true artist and we felt very confident in having her cover the most important day of the start of our lives!


Erica & Daniel – Thayer Hotel Wedding, West Point, NY

“Shira, I am absolutely speechless!! Firstly, what perfect timing with the post as we are leaving for Tanzania in a couple days. We happened to be home with my family as well since we are leaving from new York and therefore had the pleasure of looking at the slideshow with my parents. We ALL were in awe of the way you were able to capture so much emotion. The pictures are truly stunning and totally brought me back to June 10. I’m sure the rest of the 2000 are beautiful as well. Thank you for being amazing!” -Erica

Michelle & Steven – NJ Wedding

Thank you so much for these. There are no words to express how happy we are; the photos are phenomenal. Absolutely stunning. You captured not only the wedding but the emotions of that day and conveyed our relationships with each other and our families and our friends so perfectly. I am really speechless. You went above and beyond; you are amazing. Please feel free to use us as a reference anytime as it be deservedly, glowing.

Michelle & Abe – Meat Packing District, New York City Engagement Shoot

Speechless…we’re absolutely speechless! The pictures are amazing. We LOVE them!

You really did a great job at capturing those special and intimate moments as we celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary! As former New Yorkers, we really appreciate the ways in which the city is viewed and captured through your lens. New York is already so special to us, so we feel lucky to have these pictures as we reminisce about our time in the city. It’s already so hard to pick the few favorites that will be displayed in our home!


We had such an enjoyable time shooting with you. You were really kind, professional, personable and detailed. Your commitment and passion in photography was truly highlighted during our shoot and in our pictures. You come with such high recommendations! We feel so lucky and blessed to have found you as our photographer and really cannot thank you enough.

Nadya & Jordache – Gotham Hall, New York City Wedding

Shira! OMG, OMG, OMG, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo Prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!. People in the business center think Im crazy sitting here screaming at the computer! I Love every last bit of it! Didnt think the honeymoon could get any better. Cant wait to get home and show my family. They are gonna die! We are at the St. Regis in Bali after finishing up in Phuket and Bangkok. Thank you so much for the out of this world experience. Your work has got to be showcased in something really big. I dont know how , but this should be in Vogue (I have delusions of grandeur Im so excited!)

Ilya & Eve – New York Palace, New York City Wedding

We woke up this morning and after many happy moments of discussing the wedding, we came to one conclusion. You are amazing. You are an absolutely committed and talented photographer. The fact that you stayed with us all day and did whatever it took to get the shot, makes you the best NYC photographer in our book. It’s so evident that you love what you do and your talent is undeniable–as I’m sure you know, talent is one of this gifts that people are always awed by. And, Shira, we are truly awed. Thank you for everything you did and for staying till the very last frame. We loved loved loved working with you. No one else could do it better.-Eve

We are being completely bombarded by facebook notifications with our wedding lol!

We also just saw the photos that you posted and they are AMAZING!!! absolutely WOW!
Thank you SO SO much again for your hard work on our day. Every single person commented how hard they saw you work. We received an ecstatic email from my mom earlier today linking to your blog post of us!

You can’t even imagine the smile on our faces that we had while sitting on our balcony in positano jeering into the computer screen!! Thank you thank you!!
The photos are amazing and we will cherish them forever. -Eve and Ilya

Colleen & Zach – Tavern on the Green, New York City Wedding

“I have just finished looking at the 2,000+ photos Shira took at our recent wedding, and they are absolutely incredible. Shira is a real artist, incredibly passionate about her work, and I wouldn’t have had anyone else cover the event. She captured every moment, every emotion, every action, from goofy to loving to romantic… The mark of a great photographer, in my opinion, is invisibility… Shira made us feel so comfortable that we forgot we were being photographed most of the time and the photos reflect that level of comfort, grace and authenticity. After the wedding, my friends told me Shira was “like a ninja,” with the way she was everywhere, capturing every moment, and yet in no interfered with or diminished the intimacy of the setting. I felt like she was an old friend and was happy to have her at my wedding!”

Annie & Rich – DUMBO Brooklyn Engagement Shoot

“Shira I really don’t know what to say…you are simply AMAZING!!! I feel like you captured us, our spirit, our essence on film! That day was one of the best days we’ve ever spent together and it has changed our relationship in so many ways…it has deepened us even more. I must thank you for that.”

Tara & Joe – Hamptons Wedding

Shira, FIRST…I’m beyond words! We LOVED your pictures and that is putting it mildly. They were SPECTACULAR!!! We are so thrilled with them…it moved both of us, our parents and siblings to tears. You somehow managed to capture every single beautiful moment of the entire 10 hour day. Incredible! We really couldn’t be any happier with your work…and I’m sure once these are posted all over our facebook pages and magazines you will get a ton of work from them! I especially love the ones where Joe and I were kissing under chuppah and my dad and uncle are pointing, the tight of trotter with brooke holding her, the one with my girls where i’m blowing one a kiss, the group shots, and a million pics while we were dancing on the dance floor and doing the horah!! oh and that long procession shot as we were leaving by the boardwork! all awesome!!!! Thanks again for your professionalism, time and talent! We are thrilled we picked you as our wedding photographer!!!!!!!!!

Sarena & Paul – Temple Israel Wedding


I love you, I love it, I love the pics, I am SO happy!!!!! You are just pure joy and talent. Thank you SO MUCH, you have made my day, week, year and liiiife. You’re amazing. The pictures are PHENOMENAL. I’m going to obsess over them forever. I am SO happy to have met you, worked with you, and experienced our big day with you by our side.
Can someone say “I love you” too many times?? I don’t think so — I LOVE YOU!

Thank you so so so so so much, from the bottom of both Paul’s and my heart.
LOVE (see?, I did it again),
Sarena + Paul

Lisa & Pouya – Essex House Wedding

I hired Shira to help me plan and photograph the moment when I proposed to my girlfriend. Of course, my fiancé and I could not be happier with the results. Shira’s artistic knowledge and creativity, along with her professionalism and joy for her craft, make her one of the best photographers in NYC. Shira helped me plan everything with an artist’s eye and has provided us with photographs that we will cherish forever. She is an amazing artist and a warm and genuine person as well. Thanks Shira!
-PL & LT

Riri & Virraj – Mumbai, India Destination Wedding

“Shira is an amazing photographer. I had originally hired Shira for my engagement shoot that we wanted to do in NYC. My fiance and I were not that comfortable posing in front of a photographer but with Shira, we became very natural. Shira took us to Central Park and said to us “relax, have fun and pretend that it is just you two & be yourself with each other” We were so comfortable with her and she was so energetic that we became really natural with each other and had lots of amazing shots. That is when I decided, I wanted to hire Shira for my wedding. She came to Mumbai, India for my wedding and shot ALL 5 days. She spent a lot of time sitting with me and learning about my culture and rituals, which showed her enthusiasm and got us very excited about the photography. She was clicking constantly from start to end with so much energy. When we saw the preview on her blow, I was in tears! I loved the she captured our traditions, colors, emotions. We are grateful for the memories that we now have captured and with us forever to see and share with our friends and family. Thank you Shira! You rock :)”

Lisa & Pouya – Essex House Wedding

I hired Shira to help me plan and photograph the moment when I proposed to my girlfriend. Of course, my fiancé and I could not be happier with the results. Shira’s artistic knowledge and creativity, along with her professionalism and joy for her craft, make her one of the best photographers in NYC. Shira helped me plan everything with an artist’s eye and has provided us with photographs that we will cherish forever. She is an amazing artist and a warm and genuine person as well. Thanks Shira!
-PL & LT
I recently photographed Lisa & Pouya’s Wedding and here is what they had to say,
We have been taking looks at your blog and we are so very excited bout the pictures we have seen. Even more than that, we are deeply touched and moved by your kind words – please know that we would not have wanted anyone else in the world to be there with us!

Mimi & Moshe

“The one thing I was crazy about having for my wedding was a good photographer. I went nuts researching, insisting on using someone more professional and artsy than what my friends/community use. I found Shira by a Google search, fell in love with her pictures, fell even more in love when I met her…and now I am in love with my wedding pictures she took!

The entire experience was wonderful. She was sweet and sincere and genuinely excited to shoot my wedding. She was professional, easy to communicate with and very clear. I had a complicated wedding as it involved three different places and shooting past sunlight….I was so nervous but Shira kept on assuring me it would be okay…and her confidence was because she has the motivation and skills to get really great shots!

Not only did Shira capture the EVENT, she captured the EMOTION. I get teary eyed looking at so many of my pictures because she somehow was able to capture all the energy, the emotional moments….the actual faces of joy on me, my husband and family! She totally captured our energy as a couple in our candid shots of just the two of us. And we both LOVE our family photos because they were so candid, not the typical formal shots!

The pictures were so expressive, wonderfully composed and artistic! I have SO many classic shots to choose from.

She certainly came through with everything I asked, and more. I was able to relax and have a good time at my wedding because I knew I had a photographer committed to making me happy. I truly believe that Shira was personally invested in my wedding and she saw it as her own success to capture my day in the best way.

I did not make an album with Shira because we were very budgeted at the time and I was also interested in making it myself. She was incredibly open to creating a package that was fitting for ME. Her albums are magnificent, though, and I plan on doing it. She did create a wonderful online slideshow for me! She was also kind enough to rush me my pictures so I would have them in time for leaving to Israel, under one month later! Overall, the entire experience was the MAGIC you hope for with your wedding pictures.

Another thing, I am Jewish and our wedding was so much more complicated because of all the stages and rituals!

Choosing Shira was the best wedding decision. She was easy to deal with, followed through and gave me pictures that enable me to completely relive my wedding day!”

Melissa & Justin

I finally got a chance to finish watching the slideshow – it is wonderful. The images capture the tapestry of love, laughter, tears of joy, friendship, the setting, in an amazing way.

These are truly exquisite photos. You and your partner captured such meaningful moments, and your artistic edits in post-production tastefully bring out the emotion in those moments. Thank you!

Sarah & Leo – Midtown NYC Wedding

“Shira did a fantastic job capturing our wedding. Guests commented to us after the wedding that our photographers worked so hard and captured all the dynamics. Shira doesn’t focus on capturing a list of ed moments (cake cutting, first dances, etc.) at the wedding, but instead works the room and gets the nuances — all the while not missing the ed moments. She has a poetic eye and a sense of the moment and to have our wedding day captured that way is a delight that will reward for us forever.”

Sharnell & Jean – Central Park Wedding

“It’s been 4 months now since you photographed Jean and I..and I am still blown away by your talent! I still get so many compliments about our photographs!..And, so of course, I give them your name and website lol :) And, tell them Shira is THEE BEST!! We’re saving up for the big one in probably NY again of course. We’re thinking Brooklyn Botanical Gardens-Palm House..and we already picked out our photographer…… ;)”

Yvonne & Jason – Bridgewaters NYC Wedding

“I swear, every time I look at the photos I am reminded of that amazing day and always think of you and how happy you made me and Jason feel and how much my family loved working with you! What an affect you had on our lives!! =)”

Julie & Zack – Tribeca Rooftop Wedding, NYC

“I wanted to thank you so much for such an amazing day. I can’t tell you how excited we are to see the pictures, the pictures on the blog are simply amazing and I have received so many compliments on them already. You are beyond talented and you have a wonderful way of getting the best out of everyone. I know its so hard to be involved in such a crazy day and I can honestly say you felt like part of the family (not the crazy ones!). I can’t thank you enough Shira!!!! My family loves you and we are so lucky to have had you capture the day!”

Samira & Jesse – Gotham Hall Wedding NYC

“Hi Shira – We just got back from our honeymoon a couple of hours ago and the first thing I did was run to the computer to see the pics from the wedding. We can’t stop looking at them! These pictures are so unbelievably AMAZING!!!!! You are a true artist!!!! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Love your work sooooo very much!!!! Thanks again for everything! You and your team are the BEST!”

Darcy & Jerry – Hamilton Farm Golf Club Wedding

“WE LOVE THE PICTURES! I will most definitely be posting a review for you. I can’t wait for the DVDs and to get started on the album. The pictures were exactly what I was hoping they would be…I’m so happy that I hired you!!!
Jerry’s mother was so happy with the pics ,Jerry actually has three sisters who are all unmarried — of the three I believe two will be married in the next two years….so get ready for more business from our family!”

Veronika & Jermaine – Brooklyn City Hall Wedding

“THANK YOU so much for the slideshow, it’s so so so cool! I love it, it’s just awesome! I can’t wait for the DVD and the prints!
You are a brilliant photographer! The pictures are beautiful! Now I really “feel” married as I’ve seen the pictures, I was smiling throughout the whole slideshow. I can’t wait for Jermaine to see it when he comes from work!
You made our day even more special, you created our memories, and with your camera you expressed the feelings we have for each other and for that I would like to thank you with all my heart. You are a real artist because you put life into your pictures. I will recommend you everywhere I go and if I ever would like some nice pictures, you are the first person I contact.”

Dana & Matt – Tribeca Rooftop Wedding, NYC

“The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you SO much–I can’t believe how many great shots you got!!! I’m sorry to email you again, but I really can’t get over the pictures–they are so beautiful and some of them make me want to cry!!!  You are so talented and I really can’t thank you enough–You are the best!!!!”

Michelle & Thomas

“The DVD is beautifully packaged – we were so impressed by it before we even put it in the computer.  The photos are gorgeous and every bit what we wanted.  Thank you again, so much! The photos came out so gorgeous and we absolutely love them!!  There is no doubt in our minds that we have picked an amazing photographer.  We had a lot of fun that day and you really captured that so well.”

Bridget & Arthur

Shira – wow! These are unbelievable, I can’t stop looking at them. You even made Art cry!!!! We are so happy that we have these wonderful photographs and can’t wait for the wedding. I can’t believe there are more! How many and when do you want me to pick up the cd? Again, thank you for such a great job. We know we picked the right photographer!!!! Both of my parents were amazed at the pictures!!!

and then after the wedding….

Wow. I am still recovering from looking through the slideshow. Thank you very much for all that you did for our wedding. We are sure the pictures will be lasting memories for a lifetime. Words can not even describe the happiness and joy we feel. Its like we are the luckiest people on earth to have had such a wonderful wedding and now to have all of those moments captured with such beautiful pictures that show the real emotion and happiness that was present. It is very emotional and I am so deeply touched looking at all of the family and friends and the true happiness that shines through on all of their faces! It was great to have such a talented photographer there to capture such a special day. We will always look at our pictures with such happiness and joy! We appreciate all you did. Thank you!

Gabrielle & Anthony

“These are absolutely stunning.You have such a wonderful eye and your images always depict a fun, fresh perspective.  I know you work will make our day’s emotions visual memories for years to come.  Thank you again for being part of our celebration.”

Ally & Josh

“Shira, we are overjoyed with these photos…they are absolutely stunning!!!  we can’t stop watching it over and over! Wow! I want to get a few printed for framing- :) thank you for your amazing art… Our friends and family LOVE the photos!!!! We are even more excited about our wedding photos now! Our wknd has been filled with showing off our photos to anyone who will look :) Xoxo”

Shiri & Lawrence

“Wow! We are blown away with the pictures – they are magnificent. Our families are overjoyed with how you have captured us! Thank you for creating a lasting memory. We cannot wait until the big day! PS: Enjoy the spa products!”

Alison & Jamie


I LOVE THEM!!!!!! WOW! I’m smiling ear to ear at my desk, thank you thank you thank you!!!!! You did an unbelievable job capturing the day and our love. We can’t thank you enough. Thank you!!!!!!!!”

Jennifer & James

“I meant to e-mail you back last week after I received the slideshow but I’ve been too busy sending it out to people that I haven’t had the chance! First I’d like to say, WOW!!!! The pictures are amazing! It was really great to see that you and Paul captured so much at the reception – especially since Jim and I didn’t get the chance to take in everything that was happening! I felt like I was able to see the wedding from everyone else’s perspective – and I really appreciate being able to see how much fun it seemed everyone else was having! I keep watching the slideshow over and over again because I can’t get enough of seeing all the pictures!!! You truly did a wonderful job!!!”

Lauren & Marshall

“Marshall and I just sat down together to really look through the photos, and we’re just blown away. You’re work is absolutely amazing — especially the excitement and emotion you captured in the ceremony, getting ready and ketubah signing. Marshall started crying halfway through. We can’t thank you enough.”

Jen & Mark

“Shira, you are so talented – all your photos are so beautiful and so perfect! We can’t thank you enough for making our wedding day so memorable – you made us so comfortable and truly captured the fun and happiness everyone felt that day. – Thank you again sooooo much – you are incredibly talented and I can’t wait to recommend you to everyone I know! The photos are soooo beautiful. You are the best and truly captured the fun and happiness of our wedding day.”

Nadya & Jordache

“Hi Shira, Jordache and I just looked at the blog. We LOVE it!!!! The pictures are soooo great. I cant wait to show our families. Also, thank you so much for the sweet words! It really means a lot to us and it was such an amazing experience. We cant wait for the wedding! -Nadya
You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! -Jordache”

Anne & Kevin

“We got the slideshow and can’t wait to show our family and friends. You are so talented and we couldn’t get over all the wonderful shots you took. Kevin was just saying how you make everything look better than they actually do in real life. Thank you!”

Kristie & Ryan

“Shira, the pictures are really, really amazing! You hit the nail on the head with capturing emotions and we could not stop laughing because it brought the wedding day memories right back! Thank you- you are really really talented!”

Amy & James

“Dear Shira, we could never thank you enough for the way you captured all of the wonderful moments and emotions during our engagement shoot and wedding day. We will cherish all of the beautiful photographs always. We’re sure we speak for anyone who has seen your photographs when we say that you’re an amazing talent. And yet there’s no ego at all – you’re extremely approachable and radiate such warmth that it’s really been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and working with you. We can only hope you enjoyed it even a fraction as much as we have.”
(This was on a note Amy and James sent with this beautiful gift:)

Peri & Brant

“Dear Shira- We saw this in Italy and wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did capturing Peri & Brant’s special day. You were so generous with your time and we so appreciated your willingness to photograph the Ketubah ceremony at our apartment. The photos are just so beautiful.. and you are such a wonderful person. Enjoy this when winter comes along! Fondly.. (Peri’s parents)”
(This was on a note sent by Peri’s parents along with this beautiful gift:)

Rachel & David Engagement Shoot | Brooklyn Bridge Park


Just got home from a very long and demanding day at work, and Rachel and I sat down to watch the slideshow. We were pretty much speechless the entire time – great sign.

Your talents and instincts continue to amaze us, and we’re so lucky to have you as our wedding photographer! You capture truly breathtaking moments and your work has such beautiful character, and we’re so happy with how things turned out.

We can’t wait for the DVD! If you can, my apartment is fine – address is below.

Thanks again for a truly wonderful engagement shoot!


Jessica & Brian Wedding | The New York Palace, NYC


“Dear Shira,

I just finished watching the slideshow for the fourth time since you sent it yesterday afternoon and I find myself reliving the emotion of the day every single time. You truly have a gift. Every shot captures the essence of the moment – the awe, the tenderness, the love, and the jubilation. Sometimes all of them mixed together. You captured what we remember feeling at the time as well as the looks and laughter we didn’t see when we were focussed just on one another And oh, the way you framed the shots – the spire of the Empire State Building in the heart between our necks as our foreheads touched; the reflection of Yoli’s making me up in the marble table of the bridal suite; the hydrangeas of the chuppah surrounding our faces. So artistic and so different, each and every one.

Perhaps most precious to me are the photographs of my grandparents. They show the closeness and the joy we all felt being there.

So thank you, Shira, from the bottom of my hear.

Love, Jessica.”





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