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Janene & Kevin

It was a lot of fun shooting Janene & Kevin’s wedding. Here is a sneak peak as I edit the photos. While I was taking pictures of the bride getting ready, Lauren, my amazing second shooter that day, found small children playing with the a trampoline near the Groom’s house and was courageous enough to ask them to lend it to her. It must hard to get a trampoline away from children :). I love the shots she took, one of which is below.

Update:  Janene just wrote me, now that I sent the her the slideshow, something that makes me incredibly happy to hear,  since part of my motivation is always the emotional connection and reaction couples have to my work:  “Our families cannot stop crying when they watch the album… beautiful!

Also, in keeping with my fascination of how chance and circumstance uniquely conspire to shape each couple’s destiny, this is Janene’s and Kevin’s story in Janene’s words.

I actually met Kevin I think in 2001. His older brother Tommy was dating one of my very good friends from college (now my sister-in-law Karin!). Karin had a summer house down the Jersey shore & Kevin & I met when we were visiting the same weekend. It’s funny because I actually pursued Kevin just to spite Tommy (he was telling me to stay away from his younger brother~ I’m 4 yrs older). It started out as a harmless joke to push Tommy’s buttons & now look what happened ;)

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell… we dated for a short period of time on 2 occasions, nothing serious. Then we finally got together in 2006 & it’s been “Kevin & Janene” ever since!

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