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Off to India!

Only 10 weeks after shooting their engagement session in NYC, I am now packing my bags for Riri & Virraj’s multi-day wedding in Mumbai. It will be my second time in India- I am just in love with all the contrasts- modernity and tradition, rich and poor, the grey of poverty and the splendor of colors. There will days of endless frames, compositions, and moments- I am so excited!

Below is a shot from their engagement session at six in the morning in Central Park. We were actually waiting for the light to come up and it was so nice, as an animal lover, to see all the dogs excited for their early morning runs. We discussed shooting another engagement session in Mumbai at the Gateway of India before the wedding, but as Riri explained, Virraj will first have to overcome his fear of the pigeons there :)

Incidentally,  you can still send me emails about weddings while I am away- my office manager will be able to answer them.

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