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Stacey & John | Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding

Pleasantdale Chateau is a remarkable venue It was designed as a country estate and completed in 1933. It was built for Dr. Charles W. Nichols of Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation. It stands as a superb example of a French Normandy manor house, replete with 15th century Spanish tiles. Such European old-world charm affrords a lot of play with settings and colors. For instance, I must take the mandatory wedding dress, but at Pleasantdale, hanging it hear on a simple hook on that papered wall, gave it the innocent pure quality of the inside of an Edwardian dollhouse.

The decadent pool also provided an amazing color palette as a backdrop. Evidently, it is a well known setting and was used as a backdrop in both the movie Cocoon and in the Sopranos. One just had to be a bit careful with the framing- I was shooting so close to the edge that I was very close to falling in the pool with all my equipment.

Besides elements of design and architecture, there were also many moments of deep emotion and spiritual connection. When I was reviewing the photos, I had to pause at the frame of the signing of the Ketubah. It of the reasons I love photography, which can capture the details we would otherwise miss or forget. Right after signing, John grabbed Stacey’s hand and kissed it. It was such a beautiful, time-honored gesture and really demonstrated for me how pure his love was and how natural its expression.

The frame is so simple but it’s a beautiful moment. It happened in the blink of an eye and it’s nice that the camera captured it. It shows what a special person John is and is such a beautiful gesture. Kissing the hand was such a beautiful way to show his love towards her. Not so many men use that type of gesture, it’s a beautiful old-time thing that isn’t so common these days.

Stacey is very friendly, very down to earth, intelligent, and sweet. Her father described her in the toast as ‘the perfect child’ and it is true that I could really find no flaw to dispute that. This was evident from the moment I got there, from how she happily dismissed the fact that it was very rainy summer day, to how just before she set jetted off to Thailand on her honeymoon, she had enough time to write me about how much she and John enjoyed the wedding. It was especially meaningful that Stacey wrote “My parents loved you and they understood very quickly why I connected so well with you.” Of course, the feeling was mutual.

Update: Stacey had these kind words to say about her slideshow.. this kind of feedback from my clients makes all the hard work worth it!

“We absolutely adore our pictures! They are just stunning!! I know we will feel like we are reliving our special day every time we look at them. The hardest part might be narrowing down our favorites – what a terrific dilemma to have!!

Words cannot really express how lucky we are to have shared our celebration with you. Thank you so much for being you – wonderful, amazing you.”


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