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Yossi & Dana | Nelson, Las Vegas Engagement Shoot

I did a shoot with Yossi and Dana in Las Vegas last March, and I was so excited to have the chance to shoot with them again. Yossi & Dana have a tender and vibrant energy between them. They are so loving and it makes them incredibly intriguing to photograph. In both shoots with them, I felt so caught up that I didn’t want to stop. There’s a crazy inspiring energy between them that I find so powerful.

Nelson, Nevada is a hidden gem of a location in the desert outside Las Vegas. The whole atmosphere of the area feels like a movie set. Actually, it has been a movie set before. The place was used in the movie “3000 Miles to Graceland” with Kevin Costner, and recently Beyonce posed there for a fashion shoot.

The combination of the amazing location, and the couple’s beautiful connection inspired me so much. When I am in a perfect shoot like that, it’s like a blissful combination of factors. I felt an adrenaline rush in my body as I snapped shots, and felt like I was floating on air. This kind of shoot isn’t about where you go, but pulling inspiration from the beautiful connection the couple has, and the loving energy between them.

It was interesting to find out that the place was a famous mine that produced several million dollars worth of gold, silver, copper and lead until 1945 when some of it was destroyed by a flash flood.

Now, what remains of the ghost town is a beautiful relic of its sordid past. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by abundant wildlife. A fox and a rabbit crossed our path and immediately I had the surreal feeling that we were on a movie set. It was so much different than a New York City scene like I am used to shooting. It was actually a very refreshing change of scenery.

The caretaker of the property showed us a picture of a 9 foot long rattlesnake that had just been found there! He warned us to be careful digging around because there are about 50 snakes living in the area. I told Yossi to sit down on a chair next to a boulder, when suddenly a small yellow snake jumped out and scared us all! Yossi freaked out momentarily, but soon decided that we should continue the shoot. I really have to thank them both for being so brave even after that! I’m sure it was a great experience for them. :)

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