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2011 Reflections

Yesterday was the first day of the new year, I can’t believe how fast it went by. So it’s a good time to sit down and reflect on the past year. What an incredible year it has been!

This year I had so much fun; I shot Monisha and Deepak‘s (Who I adore!!) destination Indian wedding in Canada, and further explored fashion photography with a bridal fashion shoot in an abandoned New York City Palace. (Styled by Jackie from Merci NY.)

This year I had the pleasure of photographing many different types of weddings; a Korean wedding, Indian Weddings, Hassidic Weddings, etc. It was fascinating to be exposed to so many different customs and ceremonies!

Sometimes working 15 hours on a wedding day, going through thousands of images, and being glued to the computer all day is not easy. It can often add up to 80+ hours of work a week. But the connection and the feedback from my clients makes it all worth it. Also, the recognition from other organizations, and wedding blogs that feature my photos really keeps me going.

I was extremely happy to win two WPJA contests and an award in the ISPWP contest.

I was also super excited to be invited to join the very prestigious Best of Wedding Photography list with some of my absolute favorite photographers on the review board.

Thank you to my wonderful clients who made this year special, and thanks for the special bonds and friendships we have forged. I was amazed by the amount of love that I photographed. Thank you for your beautiful weddings, and the incredible love that I have witnessed. All the closeness, hand holding, and laughing together really fills my life with love. I feel very fortunate to LOVE what I do.

Here are my favorite pictures from 2011 in no particular order, I hope you enjoy it! It was very hard to narrow it down, there were too many amazing clients and too many precious moments from their amazing weddings! I hope you have patience to watch the whole show. :)

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