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Lisa & Brian Wedding | Pierre Hotel NYC

It has been a while since I have blogged and I have promised myself to make the effort to start up again. The reason of course is that all my spare time, well at least the time I would have for blogging and reflecting on all of the weddings I am privileged to shoot, is taken up by caring for my darling little Arielle (now 14 months). If I thought the demands of wedding photography were sometimes intense, the challenges of motherhood are sometime even more of course. Nevertheless, it has given me a deeper more meaningful perspective on my work. When I am shooting a couple, I used to think perhaps of being entrusted to capture memories and to preserve them. Now, to some degree I feel just as much a witness to the beginning – to the families and babies that are born of a loving family- to the memories yet to come.

In Lisa and Brian, I see a connection that will strengthen with the years and be the foundation of a wonderful family to come. In that regard, I cannot help as well but see the flowers and arrangements- as stunningly beautiful as they are – and arrayed in such an elegant venue, as a bit more of a backdrop than I did before. Not that the splendor of the affair has diminished (or that you should skimp on the florist ;), but this Mother’s eye is drawn more than ever before to looking at what is really important.


Wedding Planner: Andrea Freeman did a fabulous job as expected.
Flowers: Tantawan Bloom is a not a florist but a plant genius

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