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My Bridal Fashion Guide to Grooms Clothing


When most brides plan their wedding, they tend naturally to focus more on their dress and less on the groom’s look. Maybe that is the reason why the groom’s attire seems to be the same in many weddings.

As a wedding photographer, I shoot many weddings in NYC and around the world, and I can attest that most of the time grooms just wear a tuxedo or black suit with black tie.

There are so many alternatives to the ‘plain black suit’ out there!

I think that the grooms attire is also extremely important because it is another visual element that should match the theme, the style of the wedding day, and the bride’s dress. If all the elements come together, it makes the pictures more beautiful and even helps inspire your wedding photographer :)

While I was browsing online to find groom’s suits for this blog post, I was amazed by how much information there is out there on groom’s attire. A whole new world opened itself up to me. It just proved to me how true it is that not everyone should not stick with the black, formal suit all the time, and that they should open their eyes to different options.

Thick as Thieves – Thick as Thieves Website

Photo by Jessamyn Harris via Green Wedding Shoes



As with wedding dresses, groomswear goes through definite trends over time. In the last couple of years the general trend has been towards more informal and individual trends in groomswear. Choosing the right attire for your wedding day needs to be a combination of individual taste, time of day and style of wedding.

To the delight of groom’s everywhere, gone are the days of calling the local rental shop to select a standard black tuxedo from a limited range of cuts.  Today’s grooms can expect more style and more room for individuality in their choice of wedding attire.  In 2012, the trend toward casual grooms wear will get hotter. says that demand for tuxedo rentals went down from 61% to 54% in 2011, and we believe these numbers will decrease further as more grooms strive to feel comfortable on their big day.  There will be more and more wedding fetes where freedom of personal expression is expected and encouraged.

Imagine suits in a range of colors from sleek contemporary grays and midnight blues to country chic neutrals.  There will be plenty of room for the guy who wants to ditch the suit in favor of a blazer and a tie, or ditch the jacket in favor of a shirt and waistcoat. Anything goes, and we’ll see adventurous color combinations and patterns across the board.  Be on the lookout for vibrant hues, modern checks, pastels, polka dots and floral prints on everything from shirts and ties to socks and pocket squares and even Vans.   For the man who wants a more formal look, slim fit tuxedos or tuxes paired with skinny ties will be on the rise.

Some grooms may choose to don a tux while the rest of the groomsmen dress less formally.  The vintage inspired groom may even want to incorporate a pocket watch into his ensemble.  Last but not least, there may even be a role for the high powered double breasted suit, which the New York Times Style Magazine reports will be back on the scene before we know it! [via One Fab Day]



Indochino – Indochino Website – Facebook – Twitter

via Green Wedding Shoes



When buying a groom’s outfit, you need to take so many things into consideration: What is your budget? Is it a day or evening wedding? Do you want to look casual or formal? What season is the wedding? Colors? Type of fabric?

Finding a suit can be very overwhelming, so I decided to organize all the information to make the process of buying a suit fun, enjoyable and easier for you.


 1. Time of Day:

The time of the day affect the colors you should wear:

Lighter colored wedding attire is more appropriate for a wedding in the daytime For evening celebrations, darker colors should be chosen.

Day weddings –  more casual , light colors (for example: light gray, light brown suits)


J Crew – J Crew Website – Facebook – Twitter

Ermenegildo Zegna – Zegna WebsiteFacebookTwitter


Evening weddings – more formal, darker colors  (for example: black, charcoal grey and  blue suits)

Ermenegildo Zegna – Zegna Website – Facebook – Twitter

Ralph Lauren – Ralph Lauren Website – Facebook – Twitter.


2. Style of Wedding:

As a groom when it comes to choosing a suit for your wedding, the first question, essential to have discussed with the bride, is: are we having a more formal wedding (black tie) or a more casual wedding? (back yard, beach wedding) Because this is how you could loosely bundle up the options for the groom.

Casual look: 

Casual Suit/Jacket/vest : A loose linen or cotton suit makes a casual and very comfortable wedding outfit for the summer . One way to make the groom and his groomsmen more informal is by losing the suit jackets. This could mean settling on a vest or simply a button-up shirt. A vest is a more dressy and less common happening, which can make it appealing. If you want completely easy nuptials though, go for the button-up. adding suspenders and a bow tie also can add to the casual look

The casual look making guests more comfortable, which means less formality and a more sweet, homey feel.

Armani Collezioni – Armani Collezioni Website – Facebook


Vivienne Westwood – Vivienne Westwood Website – Blog – Facebook – Twitter

Suit, $1,595, and shirt, $295 by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Tie, $46 by Club Monaco. Loafers by Alfred Sargent.


For a traditional wedding, the groom should decide between a tuxedo or a black suit. In the case of a tuxedo, a white tuxedo shirt or a white formal shirt, always with French cuffs, are both appropriate and should be accessorized with a bow tie or long tie that is either black or matches the bride’s gown. A bow tie is more traditional while a long tie is more modern but both are acceptable.

A skinny tie instead of bowtie will make for one stylish  groom.

If the groom opts to wear a black suit, then he should only consider wearing a formal shirt not a tuxedo shirt. However, the groom has more flexibility when it comes to selecting a formal shirt, which can be white or ivory. Classic black tie evening wear, complete with satin-striped trousers and bow tie (cummerbund optional) should be worn to evening weddings only.

You can read more about casual and formal look from this blog:

*Take into cosidaration that as the grooms attire typically sets the dress code for all the groomsmen and the other guests. For example if you want to wear black-tie , your other guests should also be dressed like this and it will set the style of the whole day. Same with lounge suit, morning suit and so on.


From left: Tuxedo ($1,675), shirt ($225), and bow tie ($120) by Z Zegna, shoes ($795) by Giorgio Armani. Velvet jacket ($3,590), shirt ($510), and pants ($1,200) by Tom Ford, bow tie ($52) by J. Crew, stud and cuff-link set ($750) by Jan Leslie, shoes ($460) by Marc Jacobs. Tuxedo ($3,300), shirt ($530), bow tie ($180), and shoes ($780) by Dior Homme. Tuxedo jacket ($3,595 for the full tuxedo) by Lanvin, shirt ($755) by Marc Jacobs, pants ($560) by Dior Homme, bow tie ($105) by Rag and Bone, slippers ($450) by Stubbs & Wootton. [via Details Magazine]

Tommy Hilfiger – Tommy Hilfiger Website – Facebook – Twitter

Tom Ford – Tom Ford Website – Facebook


Hugo Boss – Hugo Boss Website – Facebook – Twitter


3.  The grooms’ suit should compliment the bride’s dress

The grooms’ suit should complement the bride’s dress. For example, if her look is going to be very simple, so should his suit. If it’s a beach wedding and she’s wearing a flowing dress, the groom should wear casual attire, rather than formal. He could use a light-colored suit made of lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton. If she is wearing a very glamorous dress, the groom should wear more of a formal evening suit.


Freemans Sporting Club – Freemans Sporting Club Website – Facebook – Twitter

Photos by Robert Sukrachand, via Green Wedding Shoes

4. Theme of the Wedding:

Have the suits match the theme and colors of the wedding. Black and white suits are no longer the standard for this special day.Whether it’s a vintage, rustic, beach, or backyard wedding it is important to consider the theme and the type of wedding when you are thinking about the ideal suit for your wedding day. The colors, type of fabric, and the whole look of the suit should be coordinated with the bride’s look, as well as the groomsmen and the bridesmaids- and the overall feel and setting of the wedding day.

The Glasgow Vintage Co – The Glasgow Vintage Co Website – Facebook – EBay Store

Photos by Caroline Weiss

5. Comfort:

Make sure it fits… properly.  The shoulder pads sit ON your shoulders and the jacket hugs your torso.  If you feel comfortable in your suit, it will show and you’ll feel better throughout the day in general. Check that your suit is comfortable in different postures while sitting, standing or bending.

6. Personality and Individual Taste:

Remember its as much your day as it is the Bride’s. Get involved in the planning and enjoy the experience. The wedding day shouldn’t just reflect your wife-to-be’s taste, It should also subtly scream your style as well.

Men’s outfits now seem to be tailored perfectly for the groom’s personality and their special day.

The wedding can really just become a reflection of the groom. This allows them to show off their goofiness, which may involve clothing.

Having each detail of the wedding revolve around the bride and groom’s personalities also means that things will become more creative. Color schemes and patterns will be designed around the couple. This could mean going very old fashioned with top hats and intricate designs, or any various theme depending on the couple’s personalities!

There will be plenty of room for the guy who wants to ditch the suit in favor of a blazer and a tie, or ditch the jacket in favor of a shirt and waistcoat.

Anything goes; adventurous color combinations and patterns across the board.  Go all out with vibrant hues, modern checks, pastels, polka dots and floral prints on everything from shirts and ties to socks and pocket squares and even Vans. If you’re a complete maverick and have your own very individual style you could go wild and have as much fun as the bride fashion-wise.

Suit by Tom Ford – Tom Ford Website – Facebook


Suit, $548 by Tommy Hilfiger. Shirt, $40 by Lands’ End Canvas. Bow tie, $30 by Gilbert & Lewis.

Suspenders, $22 by Topman. Sunglasses, $255 by Moscot. Shoes, $89 by G.H. Bass & Co.

Tommy Hilfiger – Tommy Hilfiger WebsiteFacebook – Twitter


7. Get Your Suit Measurements

The first thing you absolutely need to do is get your suit measurements. Getting measured will help you to decide what will be the best choice of suit for you. It can help you tell whether or not you should check out slim suits or big and tall mens’ suits.

via Gents Suit Measurement Guide on GrahamMcGraths

8. Budget

One of the first things you need to determine is your budget. There are three options: you can either hire mens suits for weddings, buy ready-made mens suits for weddings or get yourself a bespoke wedding attire.The main advantage of renting mens suits for weddings is money. But don’t expect it to be too cheap. If you want to hire a good tux, then the price will be about 25-50% of the price, that you would pay if you chose to buy it. Quality is another important aspect that can be a problem, As most hired mens suits for weddings do look like hired mens suits for weddings.

Getting a custom tailored suit

Having a suit made especially for you will cost much more than getting one off the rack. Also a suit’s price will vary greatly depending on what kind of material it is made out of. For example, a cotton suit doesn’t cost much to buy, but if you’re desperately seeking to cut costs, a polyester and wool blend suit makes for an acceptable choice.

Men looking to choose their designs, patterns, styles, colors, and materials should look into getting a custom tailor to create some custom suits that are made specifically for them. These bespoke suits are a great way to ensure that the suit you purchase looks great on you.

Here are a few examples of custom-tailored suit companies:

-Astor & Black

Astor & Black WebsiteBlogFacebookTwitter – Saadya Notik for Astor & Black

Astor & Black is a custom clothier. They are intensely focused on delivering a natural fit through their comprehensive 28-Point Fit Profile and fitting process that’s done at your home or office with a Professional Clothier. Their Master Tailors then review each set of new customer measurements and create a unique customer template. Each suit is hand cut, then sewn together according to strict quality standards and delivered in person.

To make an appointment contact:
Saadya Notik
Professional Clothier
Astor & Black
M. 206-819-6317
Saadya Notik for Astor & Black


Duchess WebsiteFacebookTwitterPinterest

Duchess, Clothier is a small custom clothier based in Portland, Oregon. Duchess provides its customers the thrill of high quality suits and other garments, both custom and off-the-rack, as well as excellent, impassioned and insightful service.

-Michael Andrews Bespoke

Michael Andrews Bespoke Website – Blog – Facebook – Twitter

Michael Andrews Bespoke cuts slim and sleek for a modern look that’s both striking and refined.   Every Michael Andrews Bespoke suit is crafted to your precise measurements – and finished to their exacting standards – for an unparalleled fit. Choose from more than 5,000 fabrics from the world’s finest mills including Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Scabal, Holland & Sherry and Ariston. Personalize your suit with styling options limited only by your imagination.


9. Suit designs

Suit designs come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, styles, colors, and even materials. Men have a huge selection to choose from when purchasing a new suit to wear. Designs come in the form of button numbers, jacket styles, and trouser styles.

You’ll find that these design patterns can vary greatly. For instance, classic suits won’t look anything like the modern day urban suits. Men looking to choose their designs, patterns, styles, colors, and materials should look into getting a custom tailor to create some custom suits that are made specifically for them. These bespoke suits are a great way to ensure that the suit you purchase looks perfect on you.


Types of Suits

1-Button Single-Breasted Suits

1-button single-breasted suits are a very 50′s style suit, usually worn by thin gentlemen along with skinny ties. These suits come and go as a fashion trend. The one button suit is a less formal version of the tradtional two and three button suit.

2-Button Single-Breasted Suits

2-button single-breasted suits are the standard suit- throughout the entire world. This style of suit will always remain in style.Two button suit jackets should always be worn with the bottom button left undone. This will allow the wearer to sit down without risking a tear of their button.The 2 button style is usually set lower than the top button of the three button suit, but can be styled more like the 3 button suit at times. This look is a good happy medium for those that want to wear a two button without having to bear so much of their chest.

Suits by Simon Spurr – Simon Spurr Website – Facebook – Twitter


3-Button Single-Breasted Suits

3-button single-breasted suits are the next to standard suits.The 3 button suit is the standard in British style and design. This style jacket gives off a more regal and formal look.It is also much more forgiving to those with less flattering body types. For instance a man with a large belly and small chest will be able to cover both of these areas with the front of his suit jacket.
They are great suits to produce a more flattering form.

When wearing a three button suit it is important that you only button the middle button. This will allow the jacket to create an X shape in the front with the top button folding over creating a longer lapel and the bottom opening up to reveal the shirt and tie. When only the middle button is done and this X shape is not seen, then the jacket does not have the right fit and is in need of tailoring.

Proper Tailoring is always crucial with a good suit, but especially with a three button suit. Remember, never ever use the top and bottom buttons, leave them for the unfashionable.  [via Dandy Fashioner]

Double-Breasted Suits

Double-breasted suits have made a huge comeback in the fashion industry in the last few years. They are a considered a more formal suit than a single-breasted suit, and double-breasted suits always have peaked lapels. These suits are always to be worn buttoned, which hides the bottom of your tie and belt, creating a more formal appearance.


via fsmensblog

Left, Canali Fall Winter 2011 | Right, Hermes Fall Winter 2011

Canali WebsiteFacebook | Hermes WebsiteFacebook

3-Piece Suits

One of the most elegant and sophisticated looks can be achieved by wearing a 3-piece suit. 3-piece suits have also been making a rapid comeback in modern fashion. They are even more formal than double-breasted suits, and for 150 years were the only suits that the wealthy and aristocrats wore. 3-piece suits include a jacket, along with a matching vest and trousers. The trousers tend to be pleated, and always have cuffs.

You can read more about 3-piece suits on this blog:

Freemans Sporting Club – Freemans Sporting Club Website – Facebook – Twitter

Photos by Robert Sukrachand, via Green Wedding Shoes

Suits by Simon Spurr – Simon Spurr Website – Facebook – Twitter

Suit by Simon Spurr – Simon Spurr Website – Facebook – Twitter

Tom Ford – Tom Ford Website – Facebook

Slim Fit Suits

It’s part of a bigger shift in men’s fashion to less “baggy” clothing. Slim Fit suits reflect this with a more tailored fit than suits of recent past. The result is a slimmer, more refined look that’s literally redefined the contemporary male image.

Typically, men’s slim suitsfeature a tapered waist, slim and slightly tapered legs and a narrower point-to-point shoulder measurement. If you have muscular arms, defined legs or a wide waist, a men’s dress suit cut in a slim fit may not work best for you. However, slim-fit men’s suits can help you achieve a flattering silhouette and visually trim a full chest or stomach as well.

Men’s slim-fit suit pants, unlike most suits for men, feature a lower rise and have a slightly shorter length in addition to their slim fit. These suits for men also have a flat front instead of a pleated one, which adds to their sleek, polished look. (via

Buy from Burberry $1,495Buy from Burberry $1,895Buy from Burberry $1,695Burberry – Burberry WebsiteFacebook – Twitter

10. Suit patterns

Suit patterns are just as important as suit style, fit and color. There are four main suit designs to consider: solid, pinstripe, windowpane, and check patterns.


The solid Suit is a suit that consists of only one color with no built in patterns. These suits must differentiate themselves with pocket, button, lapel, and vent style. They are neutral and safe for all situations.


A pinstripe suit has vertical lines of color evenly spaced throughout the suit. These stripes of color can vary in thickness depending on the designers vision. Pinstripes give the wearer a more authoritative look.

Window Pane

The Window pane suit has either a square or rectangular pattern throughout the suit. This is created with the use of widely spaced horizontal and vertical stripes. These suits are more stylish than the previous models.


The plaid suit is a type of check patterned suit with a higher cost due to its type of material and tailoring.

Check Patterns

The check patterned suit is similar to the window pane suit with one exception. This suit has every other square or rectangle filled with horizontal lines. Wear this suit as one of your more trendy stylish versions. (via

11. Seasons of the Year

Summer Suits should be worn from late May to mid September. This rule doesn’t apply to places that are always cold or always hot.

Winter Suits should be used in late September to mid May.

The winter suit:

Winter weddings: Dark colors like black, blue, dark grey , deep brown


Canali (left) and Ermenegildo Zegna Photo: Vladimir Potop

Canali Website – Facebook | Zegna Website – Facebook – Twitter

J.Crew F/W ‘11 men’s collection – J Crew Website – Facebook – Twitter

Left, Simon Spurr Fall Winter 2011  | Right, Canali Fall Winter 2011

Simon Spurr Website – Facebook – Twitter |  Canali Website – Facebook

Hardy Amies Fall Winter 2011 – Hardy Amies Website – Twitter


Seasons and temperature will affect the type of suit you choose, and the fabric it is made of. The winter suit is heavier and thicker than its summer model.

Cold weather models will be made from traditional wools or wool/polyester mixes. Consequentially, they will be thicker than their brethren. They may also have a bulkier inner lining for maximum heat retention.

The tweed suit, heavy wool suit, and the flannel suit are the three main models you can expect to find on the winter weather suit racks.

A flannel suit is durable, soft and warm. However, its durability comes at the price of being heavy. The flannel suit is made from thick worsted wool or a wool/cotton mix. It is similar to tweed and herringbone suits but much softer in feel.This material is heavy enough to make a great winter suit but not quite heavy enough as to be useless in spring and fall temperatures. The versatility of the fabric gives it the ability to provide both plain and textured patterns. Also, its soft feel makes it more luxurious than most winter suits.Suits made from this material are more rare than standard worsted wools and can cost more. Although this suit will be lighter than most winter suits, it is still a winter suit and can be uncomfortable to wear in the hot summer months.


 Simon Spurr – grey flannel suit Simon Spurr Website – Facebook – Twitter


A tweed suit is heavy, durable, and hard to wrinkle. These suits are similar to herringbone suits and can be heavy and hot in the summer time. Tweed is one must-have fabric for autumn/winter. It’s luxe, luscious, slightly coarse woolen material would never be out of style when the chill weather arrives. Probably due to the high heat retention capacity of the fabric towards the body temperature made tweed a favorite among designers to always include ’em in their collection for any autumn/winter.

Suits by Simon Spurr – Simon Spurr Website – Facebook – Twitter

A wool suit is durable and versatile. When combined with polyster, these suits provide the perfect balance of looks, durability and low maintenance. Wool suits are currently the most popular suits on the market. There are also many different types of wool to look. For instance mens suits can be made from virgin wool and worsted and can even be spun at different speeds to provide different comfort levels.This material can be spun at super 90’s all the way up to super 200’s. The higher the number the higher the quality. Look to buy something that starts at super 100’s and above.

Burberry wool suit – Burberry Website – Facebook – Twitter

 Ralph Lauren wool suit – Ralph Lauren Website – Facebook – Twitter

The summer suit:

Summer wedding suit colors: Whichever style or fabric you choose for you suit, keep in mind that mens summer suits are better to be in light colors such as white, gray, light blue
beige, etc. They should also be lightweight, for your own comfort in the hot weather.


 Summer suits by Zegna – Zegna WebsiteFacebookTwitter


Summer suit fabrics:

A linen suit makes a casual and very comfortable wedding outfit. Linen mens summer suits are the most popular ones. Linen is considered to be the best material for mens summer suits and the best choice for beach weddings. The main benefits of this fabric, is that it breathes as well as absorbs moisture, while remains the feeling of dryness and even coolness to the touch. Linen is a lightweight, but amazingly strong material; as it’s three times stronger than cotton. In addition this fabric is hypoallergenic, anti-static and antibacterial. But there is a big drawback – it gets extremely easy wrinkled

There are a few variations to linen fabric, which are widely used for mens summer suits. Some suits would use just a linen lining, for example, mens summer suits made of Silk Matka. But the most common type of linen that is used for the entire formal suit is Irish Basket Weave (or Irish linen). Irish linen is made in very complicated way, which requires lots of skills and time. Which is why it is more expensive, than regular mens summer suits.

Linen mens summer suits come in numerous styles – from single-breasted jacket with notch lapel to double-breasted tuxedo.

A Seersucker mens summer suit is very thin, “breathable”, cotton fabric, which is mainly striped or checkered. It is well known for its smooth and rough stripes. This fabric is made with some threads bunched together, therefore its appearance seems to be a bit wrinkled. Which is great for those who do not like the whole process of ironing. In this aspect, seersucker is a complete opposite to linen mens summer suits. [via cheapsuitsformen]

Because of the texture, the fabric is mostly held away from the skin, which helps improve air circulation and heat dissipation. It moves, breathes, and wears wrinkles well. Mostly because it starts off wrinkled.

Read more:


J Crew Seersucker suit –   J Crew Website – Facebook – Twitter

A cotton suit is light and breathable and doesn’t cost much to buy. Its downside is that it wrinkles incredibly quick and does not hold up well over time. It should be worn in the spring, summer or fall.

A polyester suit is soft, hard to wrinkle, and very inexpensive. These suits look cheap and can get hot.

A poplin suit is lightweight, soft, and smooth. This type of suit material is not very durable and isn’t all that inexpensive either .The poplin suit is made of a combination of lightweight fabrics to include: silk, cotton, worsted wool, and even polyester. This silky smooth material is found mostly in high end models.This material is lightweight and makes a great summer suit. Also the silky smooth feel to the fabric makes it a great luxury suit.

J Crew – J Crew Website – Facebook – Twitter

A silk suit is smooth, light, soft, and have a shimmering appearance under light. [via mens guide to suits]

When it is pure and organic, its soft fibers breathe and adapt to the climate so naturally that it both keeps you cool in summer and, conversely, warm in winter. Silks can also come in a variety of weights.

Simon Spurr silk suit – Simon Spurr Website – Facebook – Twitter

Below, a brief overview of the different types of materials you may find while searching for your ideal suit:
via St. Michael’s Fashion.

Types of Suit Cuts:

via AK’s Guide to Suits


Skinny Ties:

The most popular style for skinny ties are solid color and made from a smooth satin like silk fabric. The narrow look of the tie and the soft fabric combine best with small tube-shades tie knots, that are loosly tied.

The best suited tie knot for skinny ties is the simple and most common tie knot: ‘The Four in Hand knot.’ The four in Hand knot is the oldest tie knot that originally was invented in Britain during the end of the 19th Century. Ever since, the Four in Hand has been the most commonly used knot for ties – regualr sized ties, skinny ties, or even extra long ties. The reason the four in Hand tie knot is so popular is because it is first of all quite simple to master. In fact it is often times referred to as the simple knot. In additon it is a tie knot that simply looks best for tradtionally striped ties such as Britosh Regimental stripes ties. It is also a preferred knot when wearing a shirt with a more narrow collar spread.

[via Skinny Neck Ties]

After nearly a generation on the endangered accessories list, the old-school tie bar — the narrow piece of decorative metal (also known as a tie clip) that slides horizontally across a necktie and holds it flat against a gentleman’s dress shirt — is enjoying a bit of a renaissance.

Gentry – Gentry Website – The Salinger Collection

Ties for a more casual look:

Good Heavens

Good Heavens WebsiteEtsy

via Green Wedding Shoes

Hello in There

Hello in There WebsiteBlogFacebook – Twitter

Bow ties are a super stylish alternative when the groom doesn’t want to wear the conventional, basic tie. They look great paired with a jacket, vest, suspenders or by itself.

[via Slaysh]

via This Isn’t Happiness

Forage Bow Ties

Forage Website

Pocket Squares

A great alternative to boutonnieres are pocket squares.  They can easily match your color scheme with solid colors or graphic patterns. You can also pair up the pocket square with the boutonniere for a well accessorized groom.

Try not to wear a pocket square that matches your tie exactly for a more “hip” look. Opt for a silk pocket square. There are a million different ways to fold a pocket square depending on the style of your suit jacket. Go for a bold color with a print or keep it simple with just a pop of white showing above the pocket for that little dash of class.

via Martha Stewart Weddings, Tec Petaja Photography, Marie Labbancz

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Start with a handkerchief that is 15 inches square.  For best results, iron it just before folding.

  1. Lay the square flat on your work surface with the right side down. Fold the square in half by bringing the top point down to meet the bottom point; you’ll end up with a triangle.
  2. Fold the left point of the triangle down so it meets the bottom point.
  3. Fold the right side down in the same manner.
  4. Fold the left point of the diamond shape over so that the point touches the middle of the folded fabric.
  5. Fold the right point over to the middle in the same way.
  6. Fold the bottom point up to cover the other points by about an inch, hold in place so it doesn’t unfold, and carefully tuck the folded handkerchief into the left-side jacket pocket so that about 3 inches are exposed.

[via Postcards and Pretties]


As a wedding photographer, I always see boutonnieres made of flowers, like roses or orchids. I think that there are so many alternatives to the most common boutonnieres, and that they should also match the look of the suit and the theme and style of the wedding. Here are a few options that I like for creative boutonnieres.

Photos by Caroline Weiss

Photo by Melissa Schollaert

1.  Succulents + Burlap  2.  Succulent boutonniere via Style Me Pretty,  3.  Succulent buttonhole via Karen McGowran Photoraphy  4. Succulent boutonnierre via Pinterest  5.  Succulent buttonhole prepared & photographed by Miss Pickering  6. Billy Balls and succulents boutonniere via Pinterest  [via Love My Dress]

Photo by Corbin Gurkin Photography via Style Me Pretty

Pomp and Plumage

Pomp and Plumage WebsiteEtsyFacebookTwitterPinterest
POMP & PLUMAGE is an indie couture line of wedding accessories handmade in Canada by husband and wife design team Denise and Ian Cole.


Grooms Shoes

Traditionally, men’s lace-up dress shoes come in two styles, the Oxford and the Derby (or the Balmoral and Blücher if you are American). The difference is the Oxford has closed lacing and the tongue is stitched to the vamp (the upper part of the shoe), whereas on the Derby the lacing is open and the tongue is part of the same piece of leather as the vamp. The Derby is the more casual style – although in black the style can look like old-fashioned policeman shoes – but can equally be more comfortable, too.

Cole Haan

Cole Haan WebsiteFacebookTwitter

Cole Haan offers a wide product assortment, including men’s and women’s dress and casual footwear, handbags, small leather goods, belts, hosiery, gloves, scarves, hats, outerwear and sunglasses.

Photo by Shira Weinberger – me :)

Hudson Shoes

Hudson Shoes WebsiteFacebookTwitterTumblr

Shoes of the emerging visionaries from Hudson are the preferred choice of those seeking sophisticated, masculine and infallibly stylish footwear with an integral innovative finish. H is the name of the collection that provides the modern gentleman with an extensive range from invigorated classics to revised modern footwear that are refined with the certain peculiarity which differentiates the shoe as an nonchalant Hudson original.

Buy from Ssense $235

Tim Little

Tim Little Website – Twitter



Buy from TIm Little £375

Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger WebsiteFacebookTwitter


Buy from Kurt Geiger £170

Buy from asos $112


Burton Shoes Website – FacebookTwitter

Burton offers a range of stylish men’s shoes and boots that are also affordable.



Bally Website


Scheer Website


Hugo Boss

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1. Leather shoes ($570) by Gucci. 2. Faconnable ($275). 3. Prada ($570). 4. Bruno Magli ($395). 5. Aldo Brue ($385). 6. A. Testoni ($815). 7. Cesare Paciotti ($540). 8. Santoni ($2,200). 9. Canali ($425). 10. Salvatore Ferragamo ($480). [via Esquire]


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Grenson Shoes are some of the finest made shoes in the world and quintessentially British – founded in Rushden of Northamptonshire in the 1800’s by William Green, where the Grenson factory still remains to this day.Grenson are traditional shoemakers, known for creating the brogue shoe and a bespoke shoe making service. 140 years of experience, built using Goodyear Welting (which involves over 200 individual operations to make a single pair) and made from the finest leathers known to shoe making, it can take up to 6 weeks to complete a single pair of shoes.

Pierre Corthay

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Pierre Corthay is a cobbler; he makes made-to-order and fitted shoes in his small factory in Paris.  For each pair of made-to-order shoes, it takes about 50 hours to make and over 5 months of a wait period to get your shoes.  The other side of the business, fitted shoes from a already generated aesthetically pleasing line, take about 3 weeks to customize for the particular customer.  The two sides of the business, the made-to-order shoes and the fitted shoes from the line collection, are fabricated in two separate studios and seperated by two websites: for fitted collection shoes and for made-to-order shoes.

Pierre Corthay is arguably France’s most talented shoemakers he was awarded the honor of “Master of Art” by the government of France.

What Color Shoes to Wear with Which Suit

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Groomsmens Look

There are ways to incorporate your colour scheme into your wedding party attire other than a tie, vest, or boutineer. Consider foregoing the traditional elements and have your groomsmen sport a stylish pocket square or a patterned shirt. Bow ties are all the rave these days and they come in all sorts of colours and patterns making them a great alternative. Shoes and socks are also a fun way to incorporate color.

I like the idea of Groomsmen wearing different colored ties.



One of the things that I love about the suspender style is that one accessory can completely change the feel of your Groomsmen Attire. It can upgrade the whole wedding attire, add color, give it that vintage or rustic feel, it can even give a classic black suit and tie an old school gentlemen feel.

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Wearing funky socks in colors that match wedding’s color scheme, is a great way to inject some fun and personality into the Groom and Groomsmens suits and it makes for some great photos too.


One way to make the groom and his groomsmen more informal is by losing the suit jackets. This could mean settling on a vest or simply a button-up shirt. A vest is a more dressy and less common happening, which can make it appealing. If you want completely easy nuptials though, go for the button-up.

As a photographer , I think it’s a really good idea for the groom to start getting ready in a classic barber shop. It truly has its own charm, and all the elements of the place photograph beautifully and tell the story of the day in an interesting way. The photo below was taken at the Paul Mole Barber shop at 1031 Lexington Ave in New York City.

I also recommend The Art of Shaving, at 373 Madison Avenue.


For further reading on Menswear and Mens’ Suits, I recommend The GQ Guide to Suits, which explains the basics of deciding which suit is right for you, from style to size and proper fit. Click the link below to read more: