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About Shira

I am an international photographer based in New York, an award-winning member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) , ISPWP, and a member of the Best of Wedding Photography Association. My work has been published and acclaimed internationally, appearing in Brides Magazine, Anhelo (Japan), The Knot, and The Knot China. I have also been featured on many industry-leading blogs such as Grace Ormonde, Style Me Pretty, WellWed, Essence, Bride's Cafe, Brooklyn BrideOneWedMerci NY and more. Originally from Israel, I have had the pleasure of photographing many American, French, Yemenite, Ethiopian, Korean, Indian and Moroccan weddings and events. I have photographed in New York's most legendary spots like the Waldorf-Astoria, The Plaza, The Pierre, Gotham Hall, the Hamptons, and more. Through my photojournalistic style, I aim to capture the spontaneity, joy, emotion and ambiance of the important day with photos that present an unfolding story. My incredible clients have taken me all over the world to photography their weddings; including India, Canada, the Caribbean, etc. I am free to travel throughout the US and internationally, and am available for a wide variety of events. Feel free to look at my website.

Also, here are a few testimonials from some of my wonderful clients.

My Blog

Welcome to my blog!   This blog showcases not only my work from many of the beautiful weddings I am privileged to photograph, but also reveals glimpses of my personality.    Here is an opportunity to share some great moments  as well as give clients,  guests and friends the chance to comment. I also hope prospective clients will be able to not only explore my photography and style, but will also find inspiring ideas, recommendations , and tips for their own wedding planning.   I myself got married five years ago and I remember how overwhelming it all was- especially picking the right photographer!  :-)

Allison & Michael Featured in Carats & Cake

I’m very excited that Carats & Cake has featured Allison & Michael’s Gotham Hall Wedding.


Rachel & Dave’s Wedding | New York University

My little Arielle is now seven months with those early displays her own independent (to say the least) personality.  My love for her has become so intense and overwhelming, that this has in unexpected, and perhaps inevitable ways, impacted my perspective and photography. Most of all, it has made me focused on relationships and connections even more, perhaps because I feel it even more intently than ever before.  If every smile that my baby flashes me just fills my heart and soul, I see that reflected in every hug a Mother gives her daughter, the sigh of a Father as his baby walks down the aisle, the swollen eyes of sisters and the outstretched arms of brothers.  Most of all, I see even deeper in the glances between couples in those moments when there are no words spoken, but the importance of the moment is so keenly felt.

This is of course how I felt about Rachel & Dave, who got married at Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for University Life at New York University.  Their first meeting, almost eight years ago, was when David, in his capacity as  orientation leader at N.Y.U., took Rachel and other freshmen on a walk across the Brooklyn bridge.   There is something metaphorical about connecting with someone for the first time across one of the world’s most famous bridges, not knowing where this other bridge will lead.

Rachel & Dave share a special charm.  He makes her laugh with an elephant impressions.  She gave him cufflinks on the wedding day to reflect her affectionate nickname which shows that from Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, these two are far closer to star-fish lovers.

I am also very observant of thoughtful and meaningful symbolism.  Here, for the bride’s bouquet, they celebrated that continuity of life and remembrance, and used the Father’s Great Grandmother’s lace.  The pillow for the rings was made by the groom’ mother. Most delightful of all was Rachel’s mother plan to use the lace from Rachel’s wedding dress for a baby’s future bassinet, from which this wonderful couple (בעזרת השם‎) too will enjoy those all-too-familiar-now-to-me flashes of upward looking smiles that just fill the soul.

Rangefinder Magazine Wedding of the Week

I was very proud to have been chosen by Rangefinder for their Wedding of the Week. Foremost, I have to thank Lily, Pesach and their family, for choosing me to capture all their boundless warmth and love. The RF article touched on the spiritual subject of ‘beshert’ in Judaism – that concept of finding one’s soulmate in life. The general concept of beshert, however, extends beyond even love and marriage and more generally includes anything that has been touched by the guiding hand of divine providence. Certainly, I feel some beshert myself as a photographer being paired with such wonderful couples and sharing at least for an evening in their destiny.

Special thanks as well to Jessica Gordon for putting the lovely post together.

Jewish Wedding Photography of the Week

Top 20 Wedding Photographers in New York | Bridebox

Thank you so much BrideBox for including me on your list of the top 20 wedding photographers in New York!


Featured in Carats & Cake

I’m very excited that Carats & Cake has listed me as a featured vendor on their front page! Samira & Jesse’s Gotham Hall Wedding, Kelly & Walter’s Plaza Hotel Wedding, and Eve & Ilya’s New York Palace Wedding have all been listed as my featured work.

Carat’s & Cake is a web service that allows Brides & Grooms-to-be to browse inspirational photographs as well as find and contact vendors in order to plan the perfect the wedding! It also allows for recently married Brides & Grooms to upload their wedding photographs and review the vendors they worked with.


Lily & Pesach Married | Jewish Wedding, NYC

New York Times Feature

I’m very excited that The New York Times has published one of my photographs in an article about the marriage of Rachel Slaff & David Berman.

Shira Weinberger Wedding Photography Mentoring

I’ve been asked many times if I offer wedding photography mentoring and it’s something that I’ve been willing to do for a while. So now I’m officially offering one-on-one or small group sessions customized for upcoming wedding photographers. My lessons will include all the really useful tips, tools & tricks that I wish I knew when I started my career.


Linda & Kevin Wedding | Skylight One Hanson, Brooklyn NY

My Favorite Reflections

February 26, 2014 - 6:49 pm Wedding Photographer Chicago - Great shots. I love the way how you capture the moments.