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Emily & Bill | NYC Wedding | Metropolitan Club

If you are up for celebrating your new found love amidst old world glam, there can be no better venue than the The Metropolitan Club, that stunning Stanford White designed monument at 60th and 5th Ave in Manhattan. It was there of course that Emily and Bill were happily married on July 8.

In her sparkling eyes and vivaciousness, Emily exudes a theatrical energy. This is matched as well by her clear love of vintage clothing, mixed to be fun and modern. I always love someone who can look into the most joyous parts of the past and bring them into the present. A love of nostalgia serves one well in a marriage, for the years will pass and those happy moments of lives lived and shared will create a personal and unique nostalgia of one’s own upon which to reflect and smile.

It was very clear how much Bill loved his bride. In his vows, he shared how he wanted to help her fulfill one of her dreams to have a theater. If only all vows would be cemented not just in for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, but with such a thoughtful promise and true desire to make the other person happy in life. And indeed in a toast, one of Bill’s friends did note how much Emily enriched his life and no doubt vice versa.

It was a real privilege to capture this lovely couple and, let it be said, especially on the dance floor :) Few ‘immediately before the wedding dances lessons’ were needed here- as Emily and Bill clearly knew how to hit the floor with energy and verve. So, beautiful, talented, joyful, and now man and wife. As Gershwin said “who could ask for anything more?”

Special thanks as well to Joe at Josesph Todd Events who pulled it off brilliantly and Glori Mundi for the gorgeous floral creations to photograph.

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