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Inspired by my trip to Andalusia, Spain

These are some photos from my recent trip to Andalucia with my husband.  It was so wonderful to take a break from the routine and get away.  Of  course, I didn’t want to  put  on my blog  the many images of myself or Adam eating delicious tapas (even though they were terrific) or the pile of cats 6 cats keeping themselves warm in one hysterical pile in a garden in the Albecin.  I would have loved to show pictures of the Cueva de Piletas outside Rhonda (a Goonies-like cave with 20,000 year old pre-historic drawings ), but they did not allow any photos.  However, I  did want to highlight something simple that I found incredibly inspiring as a photographer:  the ceilings of Spain.

The stunning and famous ceilings incorporate many rich artistic motifs including Gothic and Renaissance styles as well as, of course, many Moorish elements.   I can only feel humbled by the great and overwhelming artistry.   So, here is a small tribute to the  Granada Cathedral, Great Mosque of Córdoba and the Real Alcazar.

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