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Sharnell & Jean | Central Park Wedding

I was delighted to shoot Sharnell and Jean’s wedding in Central Park. I had not met Sharnell and Jean before the day- we only talked on the phone a few time before- which always adds to the excitement. Sharnell had only introduced herself beforehand as a city girl, born and raised in Los Angeles and getting married to a man nobly serving in the US Army. Though from South Florida, they were escaping to NYC for an elopement ceremony. Someone just has to write the word elopement and my heart melts- there is something so sweet and refreshing in simplicity, when the focus is solely on pure love and sanctifying a shared commitment.

The Rev. R.M. Peluso of Art of the Ceremony presided. It was just the officiant, this romantic couple, and me- the second time I have been the only signed witness. :) When Rev. Peluso touched them with Holy Water from Israel as a blessing, you could see me, as an Israeli, smile.

I shot this session with my new lens- the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L, widely considered to be one of the best portrait lenses ever made. The 85 mm allows for a very shallow depth-of-field, which in less technical terms, means that the background melts away. Combined with my tilt-shift lens, which allows for selective blurring of parts of the image, the results are a very dreamy quality and one especially suited to a romantic portraits, and most of all, a romantic day.

Here are a few sneak-peak photos:

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