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Kristie & Ryan | Gotham Hall, New York City Wedding

Kristie and Ryan were married at Gotham Hall. I was very excited to shoot there again as I have three weddings at this amazing venue this year.
I always find it fascinating as a photographer to see how the each wedding is different when the venue is the same. It is well known that celebration is an art and weddings truly are a type of performance art that is unique each time. Each one I photograph reflects the different taste of the couple, their backgrounds, and of course their individual spirits and personalities as well as of their guests and friends. All of these elements feel to me like colors on an artist’s palette and I am so excited to paint.

Gotham Hall is part of the the old Greenwich Savings bank at the intersection of Broadway and W. 36th Street in Midtown Manhattan. It is a limestone and sandstone building designed in the Classical Revival, when the ancient arts served in the 19th century (and earlier) as models and inspiration for many movements in the decorative and visual arts, and especially architecture. You are greeted at the entrance by a facade of monumental columns and later met with a giant Roman-style dome. I especially liked the sculpture of Minerva, set to dispense wisdom- something especially valuable to a long lasting marriage.

Kristie and Ryan had a lovely story of how they met. Ryan was Pete’s room-mate and they both knew him before knowing each-other.
After they got engaged, Pete decided that he wanted to be their officiant, so he even took formal classes in preparation for the day. It was obvious how special it was for Kristie and Ryan to be married by someone they knew and felt so close to.

Kristie is incredibly down to earth, sweet and emotional, and Ryan undeniably charismatic. I always love to see how the bride and groom complement each other. The best marriages work of course when each other’s qualities are balanced by their partner. While I cannot in a short period delve deep into the characters of my couple, I can of course get a glimpse. In a Korean wedding, this is is especially fascinating, for tradition states that a Korean wedding represents the uniting of two families and not just the joining of two individuals. So, it is not only the bride and groom that I look at, but how the entire families, here from two such different backgrounds, serve to complement each other. Witnessing such warm embraces and the deep love shared among all, I could see the perfect fit.

Vendor List:

Venue: Gotham Hall

Dress: Kenneth Pool

Bridesmaids Dresses: Calvin Klein

Accommodations: Bryant Park Hotel

Cake: A Little Cake

Caterer: Creative Edge Parties

Coordinator: Daughter of Design

Florist: SHIELDS Flowers and Events

Hair/Make Up: VickyC5

Lighting: Bentley Meeker Lighting and Staging

Fabric and Sheer Draping:  DAZIAN- Creative Fabric Environments

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

It was so much fun to work with Leslie from Kiss the Bride Films. She did an AMAZING job, I would recommend her to all my brides. She’s a very sweet and nice person, and super professional. Her video from Kristie & Ryan’s wedding is below:

Kristie + Ryan from Kiss The Bride Films on Vimeo.

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